With Power outputs climbing and engine technology in a place we haven’t seen in over 30 years it is no wonder the Industries top engine builders are sacrificing nothing in the foundations of their engines. When we ask the best in the business at Goodwin Competition, Boost Power USA, and Chief Performance they all have one common key to their power plants, they all look to Oliver connecting rods to assure that when they are pushing the envelope on power output they know they can rely on the best the racing industry has to offer.

Spinning massive 4.5″ and larger slugs of aluminum inside an engine at rpm’s in excess of 7500 rpm with repeated combustion explosions the connecting rods have to withstand nearly a ton of force every .001-.002 seconds, repeatedly at nearly 600 degrees. During full throttle runs with instant chops of the throttle for water conditions there’s possibly no better endurance testing of an engines internals.

So after discussing engines with our friends and supporters we reached out to Joe Moch President of Oliver Racing Products to see how his product has evolved. Joe pointed out that Oliver’s investment in advanced machining centers, as well as an extensive battery of precision tools to examine and test their products durability, strength, and performance before ever leaving the factory has allowed them to significantly elevate the quality of their connecting rods.

While you may not be able to control everything happening inside your performance power boats engine the folks at Oliver assure us the products you buy from them are ones you can count on and this statement is competition proven!