This coming Saturday November 22 I will travel to Jupiter Florida to celebrate the life of Teresa “Reese” Lewis. I will remember when I first met this enthusiastic race girl. Miss GEICO, was always full of spirit, sass, and wouldn’t hesitate to put anyone in their place and do it in a such a nice and kind way.

At the time I met her in 2009, she was a race girl, poker runs were a thing unknown and the pleasure side of the performance boat world was something she had not experienced.

So in short order we arranged for Reese to be part of the Performance Boats Photo shoot at the Jacksonville Poker Run that took place the weekend before the Sunny Isle Beach Offshore Race. Reese jumped in head first, she was floored when Gino blew by her on 95 towing his Mercedes MTI at over 80 MPH toward Jacksonville, she didn’t mind the pouring rain, and helped out with everything. She put up with all the nonsense from me, Chris Davidson , and Scott Price and the rest of the Poker Run hooligans in Jacksonville.

She had a great time and all of us really loved having her on the team. As the years have come since, Reese has been a regular part of what we all do and not having her around leaves a hole in our hearts, in our spirit, and in our family of power boaters.

Reese was a very special person who touched so many life’s and was always a support to those around her. She was a fabulous mother who cared about her children more than anything else and was always looking to make their lives be the very best she could.

No doubt she could drive us crazy sometimes, she was full of life and would just not stop living and always so kind to all around her.

Reese was loved by so many and that alone is a testament to who she was and how she made those around her feel and Reese was the one and only Miss Geico, the one who made all the fans so special and was always fiercely loyal to the brand she represented.

God Speed Reese and know your legacy will live in your wonderful children Austin and Chelsie to whom we extend our deepest and most sincere condolences.