Regardless of your favorite choice of color, there is just no denying the infectious luster of polished aluminum. Polished is such a favorite  most of our industries products are manufactured to a brilliant lustrous finish.

Polished works of art are nothing new for the Boostpower USA Team as they continuously  dazzle the industry with much more than just powerful performance marine engines, but engines that literally become hi-performance jewelry for boats.

Much of BoostPowers clientele come to them because they demand a product that wont be overlooked. This is the same clientele that custom order their exotic automobiles, furniture, bikes, and boats.

Boostpower founder Alexi Sahagian told us how his team produces a full line of traditional production engines but it is the attention to detail and hi quality craftsmanship of the companies unique products that fuels their passion for the marine industry.

While following up on another project they shared some of their latest showmanship with these entirely custom built all polished aluminum supercharged 900/1175 horsepower engines with a reliable 6400 max rpm. The 600 cubic inch foundation sporting hand massaged “spare no expense internals”. The engines also featured state of the art billet serpentine accessory drive systems, multi stage water pumps, and a proprietary oiling system.

Being what would be considered a veteran of the EFI world the Boostpower Team installed one of the latest EFI controllers that they have been in development with from AEM.

Boost Power points out that the luxury of modern technology allows them to offer numerous selectable engine tuning maps for a host of top horsepower choices based around a customer choice of fuels. These guys were one of the first in the industry to recognize the advantages a selectable tuned engine map could provide their customers and give much greater HP and fuel selection options.