Skater is upping the ante and throwing in a game changer with their new approach to building V Bottoms.

Skater’s National Sales Manager, Tony Cutsuries emphasized many of his previous customers really enjoy V Bottoms and in turn, offering a newer,  stylish, and larger V to those powerboaters was a no brainer.  Skater’s next step in the evolution of high performance powerboating could provide an elite class of V Bottoms to another group of performance powerboaters who really enjoy big, fast V’s

So the 478 was born and now thanks to graphic designer Thomas Kulesia from No Coast Design and Skater’s house painter, the incredibly talented Jake Schulte, beautifully painted as well. Their expert design and next level craftsmanship came together flawlessly to create a one of a kind,  standout craft in a sea of redundancy.

This brand new V from Skater is sure to “make waves” in the V bottom world and in a few weeks after interior and final rigging with Mercury Racing 1100 Turbo Engines is completed, things will really start to take off!

Stay tuned for more!