BOOSTPOWER Marine’s Alexi Sahagian is at it again designing and building big power that works for hours upon hours without the hassles of more conventional big power engines.

This is based on their new 800 Cubic Inch platform with a reasonable rod ratio , however with a super large bore that far exceeds five inches. The engine is only four inches longer than a regular Chevy BB on the front side only, and four inches wider with a 12 inch plus deck height compared to a stock 540 that is typically 9.8 inches. The overall height is 4.75 inches taller than a standard 525 Mercury Motor and with the headers rolled inward this massive piece will fit within the space of a regular side by side BBC configuration with about a credit card clearance.

The block was originally developed off a special Boostpower spec CNC block that is now a cast aluminum block manufactured by Brodix exclusively for Boostpower Marine. The Block has full water passages and giant wedge style heads that have oversize ports and unique chambers. This very unique and custom cylinder head design and Alexi’s custom tuning allows for a variety of mapping allows the engine to run much leaner than a standard setup up with a 13.0 air ratio at WOT. This also brings awesome fuel economy for a motor of this size.

Alexi told us his customers want big power with the reliability of natural aspiration. “”The low maintenance intervals and without the blower makes it more reliable, no blower, no turbos, no boost lets the parts live longer and brings a reliable 500 hour engine.

How much power? On simple 89 Octane you get 1200 HP at 6500 RPM . That brings 1110 Ft lbs of torque with a compression ratio of 9.3-1

Drive by wire throttle with a modular intake box so you can move it around for a variety of installation configurations is also part of the package.

“This engine is one of 2 spec engines we are testing for more development. Boostpower’s 650 ci and 727 ci are proven performers in the Boostpower lineup and are very popular with his customers” Alexi, told us “The low maintenance and without the blower – makes it more reliable, brings better fuel economy,along with its high rpm range makes it a great replacement option for many large supercharged engines because you don’t have to deal with valve adjustments and the high cost of ownership that comes along with supercharged packages.

We will be seeing more versions of these as Alexi plans to have development complete Jan-15-2015. Stay Tuned!

See short videos we made of original mapping and higher rpm tests.