While electronic fuel injection is now the main stay of nearly all power boats today, getting those electronic wizards to run in a modified application is literally only done by less than a handful of engine builders and power brokers on the country.

Knowledgeable engine guys know as soon as you modify either cam, cylinder head, or even superchargers the factory ECU has no ability to adjust to the altered air and fuel needs of the engine. On the West Coast of the USA Boost Power is the leader in EFI tuning and one of the few guys capable of this type of tuning on original equipment electronic control modules (The Brains) of the EFI system.

In a recent conversation with Boost Power USA Inc.® founder Alexi Sahagian we were discussing how the marine market has changed. Alexi pointed out that besides their full service engine building program that they have been inundated with solving numerous consumers engine driveability problems.

He pointed to an engine that was just brought to BoostPower, the consumer had purchased a Procharger system and had it installed by another company but the installer couldn’t service the tuning needs of the EFI. Alexi says this is what has build so much consumer loyalty to the BoostPower brand.

Bolting on parts is easy. Picking the right parts that are compatible and then making everything work to the most efficient and fullest capability is an art and only a few people are artists within this world of High Performance Marine Power.