Today’s custom built engine offerings have changed dramatically. Ten years ago it was a common place to see engine builders combining various off the shelf stock parts that could easily be ordered from a parts house and assembling engines on the fly. But today the consumers’ demands have elevated what is now acceptable.

These days engine builders with real knowledge of how a product performs are making sure those products perform at a peak level. With the advent of CNC machining centers and the ability to take manufacturing into their own hands, companies like BoostPower USA are continuing the evolution of not only their custom engine packages, but the custom parts associated with them as well.

A recent interview with Alexi Sahagian revealed some of the facts about what is currently on their schedule. Alexi points out that traditional manifold systems are full of shortcomings as they attempt to fill the broadest spectrum of applications.

A Conventional BBC Port Intake
A Conventional BBC Port Intake

“The main reason we design our own port injected manifolds is to have the ability to provide a better distribution¬†of air for the fuel mixture. This makes for a better fuel efficient¬†engine and squeezes every last horsepower out of an engine.¬†

With conventional manifolds, a lot of times engines were forced to tune to the leanest cylinders forcing the other 6-7 cylinders remaining to run richer than needed. For us, with our development team and our relationship with AEM, we are now capable to set the air fuel ratio to each cylinder when using the AEM INFINITY marine ECU capable of individual cylinder trim.”

BoostPower USA builds numerous intake designs for multiple engine configurations, from the custom cast intake manifold for an 18 degree Dart, to the BRODIX pro stock big chief cylinder head. Our manifolds feature robust fuel rail mount, perfected in the racing world to withstand the pounding of offshore power boating delivers. Also available in either giant -8 or -10 fuel rails.

These true direct port EFI intakes are the perfect product for any ultra custom application in single or twin, supercharged or twin turbo, universal custom engines.