Today In modern professional engine building, the ante has definitely been raised. In order to lead in the the elite marine engine market place, one needs to be innovative and specialized in several aspects. An engine builder needs to look outside the box and develop tomorrow’s technology – today. With OEM power levels setting the bar for OEM packages, it leaves the custom engine builders to develop their own unique performance edge and alternative to the mainstream.

This very methodology is exactly what drives the folks at Boostpower USA Marine in Southern California. Owner, professional engine builder, and designer Alexi Sahagian is not new to the world of forced induction EFI engines. Alexi has been building turbocharged and supercharged engines that have changed the landscape of marine performance engines. Whether its 2200 horsepower mountain motors or compound supercharger/turbocharged packages, innovation of their own product offerings have always set them apart.
With this being said, most cannot begin to imagine how much time and engineering is involved in these types of products. Boostpower Marine has spent the last decade focused on their own supercharger offerings from intake manifold design to the smallest of details all the way to the custom throttle blades. These products are what has separated their custom engines from those of others using standard shelf bought products.

Boostpower Marine has been building these supercharger systems for many years and the new B-3 is merely the evolution of their product offering. Some highlighted technical facts of their systems are that they are fully fuel delivery sequential (metered at each cylinder for maximum efficiency), port fuel injected, intercooled with minimal restriction, boost adjustable via ecu and/or driver control at dash,custom rotor design (Eaton) million mile rotors, 2000CFM funnel throttle billet body assemblies, state of the art secure track serpentine belt systems, and best of all-tested and perfected in house on their own test engines.

The Boostpower proprietary castings are crafted from tooling made in house at their own facility. Each Supercharger system is available in both cast and billet cases. Alexi is very passionate as he exclaims what and why these products separate them from others “We manufacture these products to allow us to elevate the products we deliver to our customers to the top level. Our business model has always been to lead and never follow.
The new B-3 supercharger system is designed to handle the demands of the large cubic inch engines (600+). Some say, why not one big supercharger! “Without getting bookworm technical, 3 smaller compressors will move and compress the air more efficiently for improved performance levels for the larger cubic inchs engines available today.

One of the things Alexi raves about in regards to his product is the drive by wire technology developed to handle on the fly horsepower adjustability. Alexi states “what supercharger system do you know of that can change boost and power levels with a flick of a switch or pre-programmed input from the dash and no pulley change?” With the design of the new H-bridge drive by wire driver controller we developed, the third throttle body can run programmable completely separate from the other two allowing the control of overall air being compressed into the engine. This gives adjustability of output hp a huge resolution! For example, you can have the two outer superchargers at wide open throttle and the center one just cracked to limit power!

Example 2 would be imagine driving on 91 octane and snapping the throttle and have all 3 throttle bodies open immediately and then after a pre-programmed time close the center supercharger to limit power yet allowing all of it for the pre-programmed acceleration time! It’s unlimited! We can virtually program a custom personality for each motor for its designed use!

Another key feature is that 100% of the fuel delivery is right in the intake ports, The air/fuel ratio can be tuned at each cylinder within 2% and to utilize 100% of the available supercharged air for the engine allowing for great emissions, efficiency and fuel consumption is at a minimal for its known output.
Boostpower Marine states that the final tuning and testing will be accomplished over the holidays and readied for a boat installation right after the new year. We will keep you posted as the numbers come in and the project finalizes

Stay Tuned for more!