The Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series is proud to present, “Thunder On The River,” Friday, October 11 through Sunday, October 13 from 8am to 5pm at Rotary Park in Lake Havasu, Arizona. General admission wrist bands are available; $10 for Friday (Test and Tune), $20 for Saturday, and $20 for Sunday. Guests can also purchase a three day pass for just $40.

Beginning Wednesday, October 9, cars will not be permitted within Rotary Park as Lucas Oil begins its transformation into a world class racing venue. Foot traffic through Rotary Park will remain open with restricted areas and no water access beginning Wednesday, October 9 as well. Parking will be available at the South entrance next to the Lake Havasu Aquatic Center.

Parking for VIP’s ($10) and those with disabilities will be located at the south entrance of Rotary Park in the new parking lot. Other offsite parking and shuttles service will be available. Due to the volume of the racing boats, Lions Dog Park at London Bridge Beach will be closed from Friday, October 11 through Monday, October 14 to ensure the safety of our pets. London Bridge Beach will also have limited access during race days.

Mooring passes will be available for $300, good for four people from Friday through Sunday, allowing you access to the designated mooring area. Mooring passes will also grant you access to the Rotary Park spectator area and pits during the event. If you plan on having more than four people on your boat, additional passes may be purchased prior to the race.

All mooring passes are available for pre-sell only and will not be available for purchase during the race. Boats without a mooring pass will not be allowed near Thompson Bay and will be kept behind Copper Canyon to the south, Site Six to the north, and at the dog park in the Channel. The lake will not be closed during the race except for the designated safety zones, established in conjunction with the US Coast Guard, in order to eliminate boat wakes from the race course to help ensure the safety of the racers.

Those without mooring passes may experience delays on the lake of up to 30 minutes during race hours on Friday through Sunday, 8am to 5pm. Boaters who need to transit between Site Six and Copper Canyon will receive an escort through this temporary no wake zone. Please be mindful of these delays and plan to avoid the area when at all possible. No boats will be permitted into the Thompson Bay area during race times unless they have a room at the Nautical Inn a pass from the Lake Havasu Marina or are renting from Wet Rods Jet Ski Rental.

Please exercise additional caution when traveling in these areas, and pay special attention to all signage, markings, and volunteer and law enforcement boats. The diagram shows the US Coast Guard safety Zone. The perimeter of this “Safety Zone” is critical to the safety of the drivers at this event. The zone will be patrolled by 24 Volunteer patrol boats two Mohave County Sheriff Boats and Two Lake Havasu Police boats. The US Coast guard may be there pending the government shut down. If you do not have a Mooring Pass prior to Thursday October 10th please AVOID this area if at all possible. If you need to transit through the area, expect possible delays of up to 30 minutes and you will be escorted through the zone at a NO WAKE speed. To obtain a mooring pass please e mail prior to Thursday October 10th.