BoostPower USA Packs more cubic inches & design to DS than anyone

Well call it ingenuity, Ego, business savvy you name it. From Triple Blowers, to compound motors…. the bottom line is when Alexi Sahagian of Boostpower Marine rolls into the Lake Havasu City, Desert Storm street party he definitely makes a statement. Bottom line he throws down the gauntlet as the “West Coast if not Worlds cubic inch king”.

This year is just one more example of Boostpower flexing their muscles as a performance engine builder? On display is their latest 1000 cubic inch Hemi headed billet engine long block and complete race engine packages. Of course a little brother version of only 800 cubic inches is available as well as an option now in both naturally aspirated and supercharged versions.

The all billet engine block and cylinder heads had every hard core power junkie drooling and gawking as a soda can or small human’s fist can literally be fit in the cylinder heads intake port.
Boostpower says they plan to debut an entire program in not only complete engine but short and long block versions by this fall available to consumers and other engine assemblers. It’s great to see engine builders so focused on engine development for the future.