It is high noon in the streets of Lake Havasu City Arizona and already a people are pouring in by the hundreds. It’s as if you are watching one of those time elapsed films of a plant blooming. The streets are full of enthusiastic boaters in what looks like a mesmerized state. The West Coast brings colors and the true meaning of what West Coast Customs represent.

Nowhere else in the country is this type of hardware all displayed on the main street of an American town. Add that to what could be three of the hottest models adorned in the popular PowerBoatNation” race wear and let’s just say we are stopping traffic in full stride.

While we know you may not be one of the 20,000 people to be here on location but fear not we are going to bring every aspect of the excitement to you right here where no one else can deliver the feel of an event quite like us.
We will be adding pics all along so make sure to come back and take a look and thanks for visiting here!