There’s no doubt that PBN continues to grow daily, and with that growth we get one step closer to bringing our message to a broader audience. The other day we had an amazing opportunity to get our message on boating safety out to the general public by appearing on a nationally syndicated television spot on ABC’s Good Morning America.

When ABC reached out to us looking for an authoritative source of knowledge on boating safety, Brad was a clear choice. As a Performance Boat School instructor and PBN representative he was the perfect fit for squeezing a clear, complex message into a short, couple minute segment as a recognizable community member.

We’re very honored and excited for the chance to exercise our connections in the Powerboating world to bring even more people into its fold. Hopefully the average Joe took away our message about safety and got a small visual taste of what Powerboating is about to boot.

Take a look at the video below or watch a recap on the live broadcast on ABC’s page.