It’s inevitable that weather will triumph over the best-laid boating plans. If those plans are the first ever Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees Performance Boat Challenge Shootout then safety will definitely prevail, so it’s even more impressive that first GLOC Shootout event was a success despite inclement weather and high water closing down waterside facilities. They had a healthy amount of satisfied spectators, and the weather didn’t completely dampen the run; many >150 MPH runs were made, including one by Skater aficionado Kenny Mungle hitting 158 in his Gone Again. Carlton Bass hit 140 in his DCB M35 Widebody, and DCB owner Jake Nossman hit 139 in his 35′. Once again though, Win Farnsworth took it in his Low Altitude at 165 MPH, continuing his streak from the past two shootouts he participated in.

All in all, the event had a great showing despite the crappy weather and the crowd left satisfied. For its first attempt that is more than promising; we now know for sure that even without weather permitting the event will be even more popular next year.