Hardin Marine has brought $100,000 parts supply to service Key West Poker Runners. Everyone with a boat knows there comes a time in their boating experience that either bad luck or a parts failure occurs. For many this means the end of boating until they can return home to fix the boat or a wild hunt for a high performance part that’s often not available locally. The guys a Hardin Marine made a conscious effort to offset lady luck and those possible failures by coming to the Florida Power Boat Clubs premier Key West Poker Run with a complete full line of products service center full of goods. Everything from spare out drives to cooling equipment to a host of engine products.

An interview with one of the companies’ principals said the following. “Our commitment to this sport has never been stronger and we recognize that so very many of these boats use our product proudly and we want to support them as they have supported us. The industries best riggers service providers like Jason Ventura of Brand X Hi Performance come to this event fully stocked with specialty tools and the man power to service a fleet of boats. Even thought they brought a good stock of their own parts. Often what you think you need is what you don’t so what they really could use is a rolling warehouse of products to service the unforeseen or emergency needs of some boaters. The working relationship between the service providers and the parts suppliers is one that links to get the boaters back on the water.

BrandX has a rolling shop and either directly repaired boats with their staff working all night or supported other service providers to help them get the job done. Literally working all night they get boats back on the water!