While Brad Smith is no longer with us the power of his brand is living on in Key West this year. A sea of Brad Smith Power Shirts and Brad Smith Powered boats can be found everywhere in Key West. The overwhelming feelings where also expressed at the Wednesday night Captains meeting where Florida Powerboat Club President Stu Jones dedicated this years Key West Run to the memory of Brad and Jeff.

Now, here in Key West everywhere you look you see the power of the Brad Smith brand. Brad Smith was considered by everyone who new him to be a great person with an overpowering enthusiasm for building the best motors available. At Thursdays Power Boat Nation welcome party there was a sea of Smith Power shirts every where you looked. There were many smiles as stories were told and found memories remembered. It does seem as though the brand is much more recognizable today than in the years past.

The guys at Hardin Marine worked in conjunction with Brads son whom is a masterful painter to build a “Tribute” engine that was proudly displayed at the Hardin Marine Trailer. A spokesperson from Hardin said that Brad was a dear friend and customer and that it is a heart warming event to have so many people come by and share stories about their experience with Brad Smith.