Having the ability to make big power at the highest levels for the powerboating world is one thing. But being recognized and chosen by the companies that build some of the performance engine industry’s most prominent engine component manufactures to showcase their products is a sign that you are truly a part of the elite.

The automotive industry takes note of what the marine industry does because they recognize that the marine engines are put through rigors that nearly no other automotive applications can match. Diamond Pistons and Trends Pushrods reached out to the the Chief Performance / Precision Power guys to lend one of their 1200 HP EFI packages for the show. As leaders of power and reliability, they were an easy choice.

The engine drew nonstop attention from the attendees because most people can spot the seamless combination of quality, performance and reliability. When it comes to building the best, it’s clear that the new Chief Engines / Precision Power Team is leading the pack.