Indianapolis, Indiana is hosting the pinnacle of all things racing and performance at this years PRI trade show. For the hard core gear head, one can only be dazzled at how far all sectors of the performance motorsports industry have come.

While every imaginable item can be found easily online or in a shop, the show still showcases the best of the best when it comes to engines, horsepower, and the like, creating benchmarks in development and engineering.

It’s here that we find one of the Goodwin Competition engines prominently displayed as we move the crowd away to catch some pictures. Todd Goodwin, while modest, can’t help but be swarmed like bees to honey as we listen to numerous race teams inquire about possible appications and opportunities.

We know Goodwin Competition for their intense, high horsepower engines in the marine world but here it is evident that their customer base is wide spread across all sorts of different motorsports.

Todd also pointed out that the engines with increasing number of cylinders are on the forefront of performance development and they have been focused on this for quite sometime.

Stay tuned to see what is next!