The simple fact: Almost all of us who play around in the performance world are driven to WIN! Tommy Hoffstetter is the masterful brain behind everything at Chief Hi-Performance and he continues to push all the limits.

Since the beginning Powerboat Nation has followed the progress of Chief’s incredible engine builds. This past season six pairs of the new Twin Turbo Chief 1350s ran hundreds of hours with zero issues, no valve lashing, no service of any kind other than oil changes and they are all expected to keep running. The value of the this type of reliability is paid in trouble free boating and the crazy costs associated with some of the alternative OEM turbo offerings.


Now, thanks to the continuing efforts from Tommy and his team you can get 1890 HP at 6200 RPM from these engines on C16 and 1576 at 6400 RPM on 93 Octane pump gas from the local station. This incredible accomplishment had been done with painstaking determination and drive from Tommy. If you remember he went from 1350/1550 to 1350/1740 after writing new code and mapping plus a new turbo and now 1575/1890 again after tons of work on a new map and fine tuning the cam shaft details.

Tommy and his Team at CHIEF HI-Performance deliver more power than most operators can even dream about handling. If you “Wanna go fast” and you have the balls to stay in it……Email