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Located in Spring Lake, Michigan near Grand Haven, Precision Power Offshore is a Professional Engine Builder that provides high quality custom built performance engines from 400 to 2000 HP as well as custom rigging, engine rebuilds, complete engine dyno services, tuning of all EFI systems, transmission overhaul, fiberglass and gel coat repair, custom painting, and more more more.


Lead by brothers Ben and Dan Wiersum Precision Power Offshore is all about Quality, Integrity, and Turn-Key Reliability as the principle pillars of what their brands is about.

All you have to do is hear from their loyal customers and look at the long list of great work they have done over the years. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTO’S

Don’t think this is just another engine builder with a nice shop. Precision Power Offshore has some big news coming and they are about to really blow your mind. This is so secret I don’t even know what it is, but you can be sure it’s quite possibly going to change the world of powerboating!