For some, the thought of the acquisition of Chief Engines by Precision Power of Michigan brought doubt as to what the future for the two companies might look like. Well to the naysayers, take this. Truth be told, the companies strength is on a strong growth trajectory and the brand’s original customers are the reason why.

On our recent trip we witnessed the Michigan powerhouse filling a trailer with 6 engines and two #6 outdrives en route to a few south Florida clients. The company’s offerings are diverse, as (2) of the engines were 525 Merc’s, while another two consisted of monster 700 cubic inch PSI EFI supercharged engines en route to their new home in a 46 Skater with a dual map software program allowing 1100 horsepower on 91 octane or flip a switch and 1550 horsepower on 116 fuel. The remaining two are infamous Chief Engines Twin Turbos destined for a racing application that produce north of 1800 horsepower.

President of Precision Power Ben Wiersum says that the trips are common place, as they are basically offering a service picking up just as many engines to bring back to their home base of West Michigan for rebuilding. Ben points out that the clients are thrilled with the high service level that they have committed to offer. He also points out that all hands are on deck preparing for the upcoming Key West event and Chief will have a display at this year’s Florida Powerboat Clubs Poker Run Village and welcomes all to stop by and say hello!