The annual Grand Rapids Boat Show that was held February 17-21 has always had every aspect of boating from kayaks to yachts and everything in between. Except for offshore powerboats. The dedicated team at Precision Power Offshore has an unparalleled passion for offshore powerboating, and they’re making it their mission to bring that side of the industry back to West Michigan in a big way!

West Michigan’s offshore powerboating industry returned to the Grand Rapids Boat Show in the form of a 43′ Checkmate Punisher, presented by West Michigan Offshore with invaluable assistance from Precision Power Offshore. The craft has been maintained by the experts at Precision Power Offshore and even fine tuned it to push it to a top speed of 99.2 MPH with its staggered Mercury 700SC’s. To further improve the performance of the boat, Precision Power Offshore also made it a point to replace the NXT drives with SSM VI’s. But bringing a boat to the show is just the tip of the iceberg. Precision Power Offshore is a new sponsor of the one year old powerboat club West Michigan Offshore, and is working to help strengthen¬†powerboating in the West Michigan area, starting with presenting Bill and Monica Reiffer’s one of a kind Checkmate at the boat show.

But they don’t just stop there! Precision Power Offshore wants you to be a part of the comeback! Offshore powerboat poker runs see a return to West Michigan on Saturday, June 18 with West Michigan Offshore and Precision Power Offshore as a sponsor. Together they plan to host the largest powerboating event in years! Make sure to visit West Michigan¬†Offshore to get all the details about the event and how you can participate!