Regardless of how you view the many exotic offerings that Cigarette has brought to market over the last few years the one thing that’s for sure is that Skip Braver CEO of Cigarette boats is the industries true master of the marketing and collaborative efforts with industry leaders. This morning we were fortunate enough to cover the unveiling of what Cigarette called their highest horsepower production boat ever as well as its collaborative inspiration.

The boat was basically a beautiful evolution or I will call it a refinement of Cigarettes 50 Marauder into what Cigarette calls the Vision GT Concept. The boat is a one and a half million dollar boat powered with what is now by many people standards is the Mercury racing 1650 turbo engines with Mercury racing’s latest #8 out drives. As with most of these concept boats we can only get estimated speed numbers that are calculated to be in the 140’s. The highlight of the unveiling was the side-by-side unveiling of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept car powered by a 577-hp V-8 engine. What we find so very cool about this whole deal is that AMG and Sony (Sony Playstation) have built this car into the latest PlayStation┬« 3 racing game best known as Gran Turismo┬« 6 one of the companies best sellers ever.