The 2014 Miami Boat Show is here and you can feel the optimism and renewed economic force as you walk the floor. The booth that tops the must not miss list is Marine Technologies. MTI has four boats on display this year an three of them were sold by Larry Goldman of North Miami’s Extreme Powerboats.

Larry took a few minutes away from customer’s during yesterdays show opener to talk with us about his latest work with MTI. First was the over the top Lamborghini Adventatdor themed 48 bought by Larry’s long time friend and former racing partner Gino Gargiulo,

Larry also sold the first 52 open pleasure boat to long time and multiple boat owner Mr. John Rosatti as well as yet another Slot 42 Center Console.

Larry told us things have been extremely busy and for him it looks like there is no slowdown coming and in fact look fr Xtreme Powerboats to be delivering another Slot 42 Center Console MTI is the coming months.