For heavy hitting powerboaters all roads lead to the Lake of the Ozarks. DCB’s are fast and showcase some of the best rigging and manufacturing quality available anywhere.

The Lake of the Ozarks shootout is THE PLACE to show how well they run. As I write this , Win Farnsworth’s M41 “Silver Lining”running Mercury racing QC4v 1350’s is en route as well as a brand new M35 also with Mercury Racing 1350’s. Tony Chiaramonte from DCB tells us both boats will l run in the shootout

The M35 is for is being delivered to its owner Jake Nossaman… this is Jake’s fourth DCB showing yet another case of how loyal the DCB buyers are. Great boats, for great people that perform exceptionally well. Check back to PowerBoatNation for all the shootout results live from LOTO