Now that just about everyone seems to have not one, but multiple Go-Pro Cameras all over their boats, the next step is to have your own gyro copter to capture the event and rather than just burn the colorful spectacle to the memory of your mind, we can all now have it live forever from a birds eye view!

The capture of the video seems to be pretty easy, the sorting and editing of this massive amount of content can be a huge task. At the recent Florida Powerboat Club Miami Boat Show Poker Run, of course Powerboat Nation took hundreds of pictures and lots of video, but a great break came along when Win Farnsworth and the Silver Lining Crew, when asked if we could use some video, gave us five cards full of great Go Pro stuff including all of the Gyro Copter video they captured.

The really cool thing about this was they captured shots of the Powerboat Nation Cigarette and of course we got great shots of Win’s beautiful and very fast M41 from Dave’s Custom Boats.

During this run we saw as many as four gyro-copters flying around at the same time and three separate crashes. Win’s copter was of course, highly customized and modified, He had installed a custom gyro mount for the camera, a special very large and hooded camera display and showed great skill at flying this thing in some pretty strong winds. His copter never came close to crashing and I was impressed by how well he could handle the thing in the wind.

This video gives you just a glimpse of the action on these great events. We can’t thank Win enough for allowing us to use his footage and would love to receive any and all content any other members have that we could incorporate into segments in our Reality Media Center.