Skater is building more and more V-Bottoms. SKATERS are Catamarans right? Well we know how successful the 399 SKATER Spiderman boat was with Todd Welling and Mark Kowalskii throttling. The boat won championships and proved Peter Hledin could build a remarkable V. Then of course the boat that holds the Bermuda Challenge record is a 399 Skater V.

At the Miami Show this year Skater had a beautiful 399 V with Merc Racing 700’s and now the builder is doing another very special build for an experienced owner. This new V-bottom is going to be a 44 and called the 439 V.

Last week Skater’s national Sales manager Tony Cutsuries, let us know the boat was going into production.

This isn’t Skaters first Stand up V but this boat will feature a full cabin with enclosed head and all the amenities. With Mercury Racing 1100’s and Number 6 drives the boat is going to be fast. How fast? We asked Tony but for now lets just say it will be a very fast stand up V. The boat will have a raked fairing and windscreens rather than a windshield. Look for more on this build when we visit Skater again in the coming weeks.

Some pictures of earlier Skater V-Bottoms including the first stand up 399 and the 488 V: