Its just another boating trip for the PBN staff as were always on a mission and not always a simple one. No two power boating events are ever the same but the sideways adventures of getting to them is often likened to that of circus: funny and always exciting.

With a month of preparation and a full truck of the latest high end video and camera equipment as well as orchestrating contacts so that we can provide the best coverage one would think this should be smooth sailing but this is yet to be anything but just another other trip as theres never two events the same. So what’s it all take to make covering such an event possible? It takes red eye flights so that staff can meet. It takes loads of coffee and Red Bull and it takes some cool equipment .

Cool equipment starts with the awesome tow rig or hauler provided courtesy of Brand-x Hi Performance in pompano beach FL . Next it took hours of prep time on the trusty PBN flagship a 38′ Top Gun Cigarette . From the drive and engine service, detailing etc. What we couldn’t quite prepare for is the calamity of this trip .

It starts with what we will just call a “Miscalculation of fuel mileage” leaving a panic to find diesel fuel that left us at about a 40 mph save fuel pace in the hunt for fuel. In the end we found fuel and no one was hurt in the excursion.

Later we were a few hundred miles into the 600 plus mile journey and wouldn’t you know it we’ve got a healthy trailer tail whip? An immediate pull off has left us sidelined with a flat tire and stranded along interstate 10

You can I’m sure imagine the place. Visualize 80 mph semi trucks blasting by a few feet away as we ponder the options of what’s next?
I’m sure you know how when you take your own vehicle you often have all the tools needed to tackle such a simple job because you know your own needs best. Well while our beautiful equipped F650 Ford was like a luxury limo it wasn’t set up exactly for our boat trailer needs.

This left us resorting to Mcgyver mode. No lug wrench !! Fortunately we scavenged a spark plug socket and a 3/8 ratchet so that two grown men looking like monkeys #%^*+€ a football could get the work out of the week by removing lug nuts with a spark plug socket .

Well were back on the road and set to bring all of the action to you in the next few days so stay tuned for some of the highlights and of course some humor on Powerboat Nation.