So for many of our members horsepower and speed are what we salivate for but for those of you that may have never had the opportunity to see some of the amazing boats that formed the foundation of our industry well you may be sincerely missing out. These boats are stunning works of art but I haven’t even touched on the beauty of Lake Tahoe’s Emerald Bay. This is one of the most amazing pristine crystal clear bodies of water in the country so its no wonder its the home to the long running Concours d’ Elegance.

This years show honored one of the men who had contributed so very much to the preservation of the classic wooden boat era. The gentleman was Alan Furth who had collected more wooden boats than any of us could imagine using in a lifetime as he collected and restored close to 70 of these classic boats.

The turnout for this event is mind boggling and by far one of the best prepared and executed shows we have attended. For that the event should really be commended as there were over 100 volunteers that helped make the show such a success.

We wanted to show you just highlight a few of our favorites to give a a glimpse of how amazing the pioneering and design and assembly of these boats were for their time.

First and foremost a true friend of the Powerboat Nation family is a boat known as “FLASH”. This boat is owned by John Matzen out of California. The boat is a 1947 20′ Ventnor Sport runabout powered by a straight 8 Chrysler.

Next is a 1947 21′ Stan-Craft Torpedo Runabout known as “BIG SKY” Stan-Craft boats were built in the late 1940’s in Polson, Montana. This boat is hull #001, The BIG SKY is powered by a Gray Marine FireBall racing engine topped with three carburetors. This boat is a big trophy winner and often the people’s choice award winner.

Another boat that caught our eye was a 21′ Chris Craft Cobra known as “VENTUNO” this boat sports a straight 8 Cadillac power plant.

The final boat that caught our eye was the amazing Hornet II which is a 29.5 ft stepped-hull hydroplane built ca. 1930. Of the bat the first thing that catches your eye is the polished aluminum deck. A WWII vintage Rolls Royce Merlin/Meteor Engine powers this impressive machine.

A plethora of boats and antique engines were on display that really made the mind hearken back to the old days of powerboat racing. If your a boating enthusiast to the core and power boating runs through your veins then I say add this event to your “Bucket List” as you will bring home a lifetime of memories from it. Take a look below at all the photos from the event.