Lasting the entirety of a five day weekend, spanning from Thursday to Monday, hundreds gathered in Pickwick Lake, Tennessee in Memoriam for Carey Downs and Jeremie Floyd, two well-known and well-loved community members that were taken from us too soon in a boating accident last year. Friends, family, locals and people from out of state trekked in to pay their respects and check out the event. Respects were duly paid; from raising of the glasses at one of their stomping grounds, Freddy T’s, to the raising of a 16 foot, 2+ ton cross in their honor, nobody could deny it was an amazing and worthy event. According to Jeremie’s wife, Marsha Floyd, the poker run ended up raising over $106,000 for the Darryl Worley Foundation, some of which is to be donated to trusts for Downs and Floyds’ children. Even though it was an emotionally trying weekend, it “was full of reminiscing and smiles” according to Greg Harris, a longtime friend of Downs.

Check out this video from Jeff Ketchum to get a taste of the run: