Marine Design Corporation has recently released their newest version of the DriveSync, the DriveSync Sport, and it adds two key features perfect for any performance boater.

DriveSync has already proven that it’s ability to keep the trim monitored and evenly synced in any condition is invaluable to any boat be it a race boat or pleasure craft. Now Mike and the team at MDC have added two programmable presets so that you have the ability to trim to wherever you select. Though typically set to neutral and then slightly below, the sport edition gives you the option to set the positions to wherever you would like with ease.

The second added feature for the sport edition comes in the form of a newly added GPS that allows for the system to be programmed to return to a safe and preset level when the boat reaches a certain speed. This gives the boater the added safety and ability to focus on driving not on the trim. In addition, it can be set to deactivate the trim up buttons at a certain speed removing any chance of the operator bumping or accidentally adjusting them.

Ultimately, these new additions have taken what was one of the most valuable additions anyone can make to their boat, and made it that much better. Read the original press release below and check out to see how you can get yours!