After six years of leading the performance center console sector of the boating industry with the debut of their first 32CCX with their premier dealer Performance Boat Center, Sunsation has just announced the production of their largest center console to date. The Sunsation 39CCX.

Being significantly longer and with a wider beam, the new boat features dual row bolsters as well as side thrusters and a side entry door. Even more important is the optimization of the SVT2 ventilated hull design that Sunsation uses to accommodate for the larger boat and it’s different center of gravity. Hear from Wayne Schaldenbrand himself taken from the official Sunsation press release below.

“The 39CCX is a concept that we’ve been working on for the past two years,” states company President, Wayne Schaldenbrand. “We are building this boat from the bottom up. With the 39CCX’s additional displacement, every aspect of the design is digitally modeled to achieve optimal hydro and aerodynamic characteristics to insure that we maintain the same superior performance and handling as with our 32 & 34CCX models.”

We’re looking forward to seeing the finished craft and we’ll be bringing you the latest updates and media as we get to see it ourselves.