While the urban landscape continues to change and Urban sprawl seems to know no limits it has again laid claim to one of Southern California’s legendary Marine Hardware Suppliers.

The long overdue expansion of the 91 freeway, to help with Southern California’s legendary traffic problem has been a project that all knew has been coming for a number of years. One of the few businesses that chose to stand strong against the advancements of the State of California was that of Dana Marine. Dana’s facility lays right on the freeway and would need to be torn down for the Highway Project to continue. We have been told that negotiations had been in process for the last couple of years, but an agreement could not be reached.

So just as any large government organization does when determined to, they today have locked down the Dana Marine facility and will move forward with the evacuation of the contents and inventory and it seems like this battle will likely find itself fought out in a California courtroom.

For well over three decades Dana Marine Products has been the brain child and wizard of possibly more marine innovations than any other single individual. In the rise and high point of the most recent boom of the marine industry its fair to say that Dana Marine produced the largest segment of marine hardware our industry has seen.

In recent months product delivery and back-orders from the company have sky rocketed due to health problems from Dana Stettler the owner. These delays and back orders left numerous OEM’s and customers scrambling for options and the future of the company uncertain.

It’s unclear how the whole project will unfold as it always seems the most unsavory of people come out from the bushes in this type of event to pick and pilferage but one thing is for sure, the loss of Dana Marine would be the loss of a marine hardware Icon.