Pirates of Lanier…Goal Shattered: John Woodruff and Nancy set a goal. They said they were going to raise $400K for the charities supported by the Lanier Partners and the Pirates of Lanier Poker Run. Hard work and determination yielded a result that exceeded their goal. The final numbers are not in yet but we can comfortably state that at least $410,00.00 was raised. Auction item totals are still coming and the overwhelming generosity was everywhere. A lighted hula hoop sold for $1200 and simple cash donations are still being tallied. I think there is no doubt this event tops the list to showcase the generosity of our powerboating group.

The other notable was 301 registered boats with many more on the sidelines. Great variety of craft from homemade VW Bus on a raft to big 48 MTI’s and 46 Skaters, with everything else in between.

The rain delay may have been a blessing in disguise. Everyone watched and waiting checking their phones for the Pirates of Lanier APP updates. Hard rain poured in the early hours of Saturday but when it stopped it was cool and fun and sage. A small final downburst hit us just before the bridge but it only lasted for amount two minutes and it was clear running from there on. The PBN Cigarette made all seven card stops and we had a great time running this event.

Back at Sunset cove the party atmosphere took off with many Pirates on the dock to celebrate and watch the event finale fireworks.

A big Congratulations to John, Nancy and the entire team of Lanier Partners who worked so hard to make the Pirates of Lanier Poker Run what it has become today.

Of course the video is coming!