Even in the 1970’s boat builders were changing things up a little to provide customers with something new to enhance the lifestyle of powerboating. Cigarette had the 28 Open with IO’s. Midnight Express was playing with sport boats with Outboard brackets and in 1987 the Donzi F-33 came on the scene with twin “BIG” 200 HP Outboards. Wellcraft was building the 34 Super Sport Center Console with a forward cabin and the 302 open. Builders like power play, Cigarette, and even outerlimits have all been down the center console road many years ago with both outboard and inboard power.

In south Florida on both the east and west coasts the center console is absolutely nothing new, for years now Midnight Express, Concept, Avacne, Monza, Donzi, Fountain and many more brands have been offering these sporty utilitarian boats to the very active boaters of South Florida in addition to the thousands of the “fish type” brands

As the marine engine builders make advances the boat builders seem to respond to find a way to apply the new power into a boat. Not unlike the late 80’s when large outboards came to market the newer amazing reliable and fuel efficient outboards have driven traditional sport boat builders to really push open boats to their customer base.

Inside sources tell us that Cigarette Racing is going to unveil its return to the past this week with a open center console type boat fitted with Mercury 520 I/O’s. Cigarette will be hosting a open house during the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show rather than having a display at the show.

Were excited to see if the iconic brand can again bring the sterndrive to the broader sport boat market as as this would be a step in the right direction for the marine market and the entire industry.