In just one week we all begin the migration from Miami to Key West for the Florida Power Boat Clubs Key West Poker Run. This is, without question the big power boating event of the year and with so many boats making the 160 Nautical Mile, one way destination run, the logistical details can be overwhelming.

For 24 years Stu Jones has managed to make this event work out for everyone, deal with so many last minute changes, special requests, and a host of other details. With just a short time before the run PowerBoatNation was able to get Stu to sit down for a few minutes and speak to us about some of the details of this years run!

PowerBoatNation will be all over Key West. Look for us on the run in the PBN CIGARETTE, at our booth in Poker Run Village and on Duval with the PowerBoatNation Girls!