At the recent Florida Powerboat Club Tampa Bay Poker Run, club President Stu Jones was proudly showing off his new ride.  A beautiful 33 Ocean Hawk that he bought from  The 33 Ocean Hawk has been a super solid and reliable boat for years, and fits perfectly into the Sport Twin Class for Poker Runs.  Previously branded as a CIGARETTE in the late 1990s to early 2000’s, the boat has always had a reputation for speed, agility, and great sea keeping in bigger water.  With production now conducted under the umbrella, the new Ocean Hawks bring the very best craftsmanship with quality rigging to an extremely affordable 33 foot boat.

The new Florida Powerboat Club 33 Poker Run edition is rigged with twin 300 Mercury Racing Verados and is being specially equipped to support club duties as a pace boat and extra safety boat when needed and rigged for poker runs.

Stu told us the boat will have an enhanced interior with shore power A/C in the cabin, extra grab rails installed, Ocean LED lights all over it, a light bar, new, large Garmin Displays, and even a special tow rig arrangement for those rare occasions when other boats break down and need a tow to the dock.

This year you can see this brand new boat at runs around the country as Stu, Jackie, and family take off on the FPC Motor Home Tour.  All of the appearances are yet to be determined, but you will definitely see the boat at the Pirates of Lanier Run and then many after.

If you need a new boat to join in on the fun, this may be very best, cost effective option for the Sport Twin Class of Poker Run boats.  With a special equipped price of around $150K, the value option on a brand new boat is going to be hard to beat! Contact David Pease at and order one of your own!