If only I had enough time and money to attend all the great boating events around the country.This past weekend we missed a great event on the west coast of Florida with the Fort Myers Offshore Club http://ftmyersoffshore.com/ at their 2nd Annual run to the Sarasota Hyatt. With over 30 boats in attendance, perfect weather accompanied the Powerboat Flotilla on a 82 mile one way run from Fort Myers to Sarasota on Friday and then back again on Sunday.

The Fort Myers Offshore Club is a registered 501 (c) 3 not for profit and raises money for a variety of charitable organizations and has raised a bunch of money in a few short years. The clubs creator Mr. Bob Barnhart AKA BobtheBuilder is a serious adventure powerboater. He has run his Nor-Techs all the way to Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean and is an official record holder. No distance or endurance challenge seems to be to great or too much for this incredible enthusiast who loves to go boating. I look forward to adding these events to next years calendar. Here is a rundown of the generous powerboaters who attended:

1) Bob Barnhart, 50 Nor Tech
2) Tom & Rhonda Derhammer, 37 Active Thunder
3)Steve & Laura Behnke, 37 Active Thunder
4) Eric & Keri Belisle, 32 Spectre
5) Andy Templeman, 43 Donzi
6)Alan Doherty, 38 Cig Top Gun
7) Sam & Joy Maye, 42 Fountain
8) Bill & Lori Lemanske,39 Nor Tech CC
9) Bob & Jane Burger, 39 Nor Tech
10) Don & Amanda Gardner, 32 Doug Wright
11) Rob D’Angelo, 38 Donzi
12) Bob & Betsy MacDonald;38 Awesome cat
13) Dennis Sinacola,43 Black Thunder
14) Pierre & Meghan Brousseau, 36 Nor Tech cat
15) Keith & Audrey Workman, 42 Fountain
16) Kenny Disturbing Behaviour Jensen, 44 Nor Tech Cat
17) Guy Poirier, Charlie Costa;
18) Stan & Inez Quinn 32 Sunsation
19) Don Messner,38 Cigarette
20) Gar and Phyllis Menafee, 33′ Fountain
21) Brad & Tami Sanders , Motion
22) Mike Case, IN , 37 Active Thunder *
23) Alec Cloke, 43 Nor Tech CC
24) Bob Martin, 39 Sutphen
25) Glen Fuller / Jeff Haylett, 47 Outerlimits
26) Brian & Jill Hoagg, 34 Hustler
27) Bill Buchanan, 29 Fountain
28) Ken & Karen Trelfa / FMB; MI
29) Martin Proulx, 39 Outerlimits
30) Ryan McClay, 34 Nor Tech CC
31) Bill Robbins/Scott Ryerson 40 Nor-Tech Roadster

All Photos courtesy of Naples Images