Even during the great depression of 1929 Yacht Builders continued to build yachts for the very wealthy. Then as now with great economic uncertainty, the one thing than remains true is the builders that build the very best products are still coveted and in high demand. No one needs to stand up and cheer for Peter Hledin’s Skater Powerboats as they have built a world class reputation for themselves. But what is exciting to see is the Armada of Incredible hardware he has slated to display in Miami.

The boats coming to Miami are just a small example of the product line and truly shows nearly nothing is out of the realm of possibility at Skater. These boats have been specifically customer tailored for performance boating elite customers. A new 388 “Dirty Duck” for Slug Hefner will debut as well as Gary College’s enclosed top 388 and a new and Incredible 50′ catamaran, all of these boats are powered by a standard Mercury Racing 1350/M8 package.

While we are all anxious to see these new rides at the boat show, I am really looking forward to see them around the country running on the water!