The new SV 43 Sit Down nears completion at Outerlimits Powerboats so it can be shipped south for the Miami Boat Show. This new design of the SV43 was built for, and in collaboration with Dustin Whipple of Whipple industries. After seeing the rendering we had to ask where the design came from and how it was developed. In a brief interview with Dustin, he explained he had a vision but wasn’t sure how to bring it to fruition. It needed to be unique, trend setting, and yet timeless. He didn’t want the boat to look like anyone else’s. He insisted is had to show individuality but also show the prominent Whipple Industries colors. Dustin explained “I refuse to stand for or accept anything but the very best in our products and I wouldn’t do anything different with the boat that is a flagship of Whipple industries. Just as we turn to our engineering staff for parts development I chose to turn to Thomas Kulesia of No-Coast designs located in Elkhart Indiana”. Dustin explained that Thomas was amazing to work with and that they had gone through numerous revisions as Thomas patiently took the image of what was in Dustin’s head and turned it into the amazing graphics coming to life at Outerlimits for the new boat that will be displayed in Miami.

NO-Coast is not a new comer to the custom design and paint world. They have quite possibly been the best kept secret and hidden arsenal of custom boat, coach, and semi trailer painters in the country. Both corporate giants seeking branding excellence as well celebrity performers have chosen Thomas’s work for the vehicles of choice. So if you’re ever fortunate enough to order a new ride or have your present rides redone with the “Ultimate” look this might be where you will end up. If the sky is the limit for your new boat build what might it look like?