Florida and some other south eastern points may seems to have a strangle hold on the big powerboat events, but we can’t forget where a lot of these boaters come from. After a few dormant years of having speedboats running around Long Island Sound, the powerboats have returned to the infamous Port Washington LaMottas Restaurant and Manhasset Bay Marina, the home of many powerboat legends from yesterday. The NATIONAL POWERBOAT ASSOCIATION resumed producing one of its stellar events which fielded over 20 teams sporting the latest in hull and engine technology some of these boats are now running speeds in excess of 150 mph!

PARTYMASTER, the official NPBA Paceboat of Billy Frenz, a classic 10M Fountain lead the parade to the start line along with his daughter and Co-pilot, Allison and NPBA crewmembers.

Beginning at Buoy #27 off of Sands Point, located on the North shore of Long Island, at noon time, the fleet charted a course directly to Bridgeport, Connecticut, a mere 25 miles north, FOR Checkpoint #1.

Stu Hayim in his 2,700 HP Mercury powered 42 MTI Cat, FERRARI-MASERATI Special and Joe Castellana in his 2,400 HP Sterling powered 46 Skater Cat,AWESOME, immediately took the lead together, challenging our helicopter to keep up with them.

Bill Betz showed up in his 43 Outerlimits, QUICK GET AWAY and the Rifice/Ryan Team in their 32 Ilmor powered Skater Cat kept close company being just a few strides behind them. Joe Cibellis and Joe Sgro in their Ilmor powered 43 Outerlimits, quickly joined the leaders and eventually made it to Bridgeport ahead of all the other V-bottoms! By the way, this famous Outerlimits of Cibellis and Sgro, holds the V-bottom record of 3 hours and 5 minutes to circumnavigate Long Island, established on September 25, 2011 and of course Stu Hayim holds the overall record running the course in just 2 hours and 11 minutes.

The 2nd wave of the poker runners was lead by Tom Fancher of Full Throttle Marine in his tricked 37 Outerlimits powered by twin 557 inch blower motors and Mercury #5 Speedmasters, representing the old adage, There is no substitute for BIG cubic inches and BIG Horsepower.

At the other end of that scope, Sal Albanese, the fastest dentist from Westchester County, kept nipping at Full Throttle’s transom in his new, 35 Fountain, SABRINA, powered with staggered- Mercury 496/425HPs and Bravo XR Shorties with 5-blade Maximux props…yielding a whopping 84 MPH…all day long! The team from Mariner’s Cove Marina of Monstaaa Bo, Ronnie and Vinnie-deserve a lot of credit for preparing this machine and keep it going for so long and so fast! This boat represents the pinnacle of Reggie Fountains constant drive at research and development to produce the Fastest V-Bottom.

Joe Kashinsky followed closely in his 35 Fountain with Mercury 496/425 HP’s and 5 blade props on Bravo XR outdrives…to the tune of 80+ MPH…. another shining example of Reggie making boats go fast with stock, Mercury powerplants.

After picking up card number 1 at the Dolphin Cove Restaurant and Marina in Bridgeport harbor, the fleet headed for Cold Spring Harbor, inside of Oyster Bay, back on the North shoreline of Long Island to pick up card No. 2 at the Official Albin Marine Trawler of Fred Peters. Scott Carol blazed a trail in his 38 Cigarette, PATRIOT with Larry Broadbent navigating the way.

Professional poker runner, Fran Maryfark from Burlington, CT, came down to play and ran his 353 Formula, “YEAH BABY” with Merc 800 HPs reworked by Chris Cestarro’s Ocean Performance of Old Saybrook, Ct. Fran’s combination of pistons, gears and props produces almost 90 mph!…YEAH BABY!!!

A famous poker runner paid us a visit incognito in Oyster Bay, but not in his 42 MTI, instead using his tricked 40 center-console, manufactured by Johnny Tomlinson. Sporting triple outboards and a hard-top…we spotted lil Wesley first…then the illustrious Tommy Abraham appeared

John Durante in his 35 Sonic, HERE’S JOHNNY with Merc 575 HPs and XR drives , was the 1st boat to Port Chester Yacht Club on the Byram River, the border line between Connecticut and the State of New York. Future events will lead us up this river to the home of the SHOWBOAT RIVERBOAT, a dockside attraction in the new downtown waterfront redevelopment.

Sam Galasso in his 38 Fountain with 700 HP Mercs showed the fleet what 100+mph looks like on the way back to Checkpoint #4/LaMotta’s Restaurant. NXT outdrives and 17 by 39 Hering props ‘live’ at those triple digit speeds with no effort…kinda gives you that chill up the spine excitement!

Marshall May dazzled the crowd in his expertly restored (by Full Throttle Marine) 27 Magnum Marine Starfire , MAYHEM, powered by twin 550 HP blown big-blocks…another 80+mph classic v-bottom!

All in all an incredibly exciting group of powerboat enthusiasts tearing up Long Island Sound! We are looking forward to great news and events from Billy and his National Powerboat Association.