One new custom powerboat masterpiece headed for the Miami Boat Show is the all new Skater 338 “Fat Boy” Based on a widened version of the blistering fast 30′ Skater “PROTOTYPE” with a new style dash configuration and a full wrap around windshield. The custom build was commissioned by Mr. Louie Marchese. Louie has one formidable desire and that is to build this boat as a LOTO shoot out statement maker in the under 35 foot class. Louie is no stranger to this event as he throttled a 28′ Nordic SS at LOTO to a 148 mph run back in August. Now looking to break his own record Louie did a lot of homework before he landed at Skater with his plan to build this purpose built water rocket.

But for those few that want to exceed the upper echelon of possibilities and separate their power choices from the stock production offerings then they can still turn to custom power from a handful of great engine builders around the country.

If you are really looking to set the bar, the existing benchmarks are right in front for us all to see. Louie had seen the work that Arneson industries Rik Wimp has turned out and was familiar with the 30′ Skater known as “PROTOTYPE” owned by Dale Razor. This is quite possibly the fastest 30″ catamaran in the country, exceeding 165mph with naturally aspirated power and a bullet proof drive train. Louie wanted a boat that could handle big horsepower and be reliable, this fast cat was only 33 feet but there was no way it could be a bravo based boat with projected speeds in excess of 170 mph. Louie tagged Eddie Young of Young’s performance to design and build the big power, Louie and Eddie had reviewed what the bravo, number Six and Ilmor boat of similar size were running and agreed the only drive option for them was to call Rik at Arneson. So this boat will use Arneson #7M’s with a Zeiger Tie Bar Assembly and the BAM 1350 Transmissions.

Young Performance 1100HP, EFI’s will be in the boat initially and set up for pump gas, after some testing and time to get the boat dialed in they will be turned up to over 1200 but will remain on pump gas.

These powerful packages are built up from a Merlin 565CID block with billet main caps, Lunati Blower Series forged crank, Oliver Billet rods, JE piston, Total Seal Gapless rings, Brodix CNC heads, Custom hyd. roller cam with “c” swap firing order, Whipple 4.0 L supercharger w/ MOAC intercooler, MEFI , EFI electronics with a Custom built DIS ignition system with 8 individual coils, Hardin Marine serpentine accessory drive and Hardin Marine Thermofilter.

This is sure to be an incredibly exception piece. Come to see it at the Miami Boat Show, SKATER Powerboats Miami Boat Show booth number is 3180 and ARNESON booth number is 4060.