The Florida Powerboat Club is dedicated to bringing you the best experiences possible when it comes to boating. But, they don’t stop there. FPC is also bringing you the opportunity of lifetime when it comes to the performance auto industry. In collaboration with Fast Lane Travel, FPC is giving a lucky group the chance to participate in the Europe Poker Run (April 20-29, 2016).

The trip offers the unique opportunity to see and experience European life from behind the wheel of a Porsche and in the most luxurious hotels and locations Europe has to offer. Attendees will take a high speed journey through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy, stopping along the way to experience fine dining, historic tours, and much more. The event itself has been customized for FPC members the costs are designed to be all-inclusive. Attendance is limited so you’ll have to place your reservations now! FPC is known around the world for their incredible events and powerboat poker runs. It’s easy to imagine that this one will take it a step further and be sure to give you a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll remember forever.

Check out the complete event itinerary and description on the FPC website