One thing that never rests at Goodwin Competition is the mind of Todd Goodwin himself. From the inception of the marinizing part of his product line to what has become one of the most powerful production engines to hit the water yet, things are constantly being improved upon to bring you the best performance anywhere.

As additional engines are rolling off the production line at Goodwin Competition, he points out that the advancements are continuous. We are in development testing for a unnamed source on these high performance Combustion chamber designs in, 2 valve, 4 valve and 5 valve layouts

Our latest engines have changes relating to the intake, exhaust ports and piston design. While there may be some power gains based on efficiency, they are primarily focused on durability running on pump gas (93 octane pump gas).

Todd takes care to explain that they are constantly testing with their “in-cylinder pressure” testing equipment to advance on “smooth and complete combustion”. This technology is limited to the highest end NASCAR, INDY, Formula One, and OEM engine builders. This exorbitant equipment is a must-have for insuring reliability.

Todd also mentions that they working on both a V-10 engine, and a V-12 platform is in the works as well! Todd points out that this is the maximum amount of cylinders that are developing to keep the engine from getting too long. These engine package are in deep development now and that the future holds a world of promise for the Goodwin brand.