While famous for making big power he’s also one of the few offering BIG support of Powerboat Nation and our upcoming Rock the Boat Party. Todd Goodwin of Goodwin Competition Engines might seem like the most mild mannered guy around, he’s also laser focused on the details that make his business successful. Sure he will be one of the Stars of this years Miami International Boats Show debuting his latest 1947HP engines in Bill Pyburn’s new 388 Pure Platinum Skater but he will also be at the show to meet and talk with people as well as share in the revelry that only PBN will bring.

When we called Todd and reached out for his support, we asked the same questions we asked the rest of supporters and that is, what does PBN mean to your company and why did you without hesitation support our Party. Todd said “Powerboat Nation was somewhat of my entry into this world of power boating, at least on the scale were looking at today. PBN opened doors and helped us build relationships with amazing people and boat manufactures and they have continually been involved in the support of the power boat industry. As for the Party well I was at last years party and it was amazing literally over the top and while I wasn’t sure at first what this party would mean, I knew from the explanation it was something special and I’m just about things that are special and it extraordinary. I knew it would be is something that my customers and the rest of the boating community would recognize and remember, as well as enjoy and I’m committed to this industry as I am to PBN”

Our friends and sponsors really do believe in what we do. We want to bring the most coverage, the most support, and the most fun to the world of Performance Boating. Make sure to come see us next week at the Miami Boat Show, from the 12th to the 16th. Our rockin’ Boat Party will be next Saturday, beginning at 11pm and tearing it up through the night until 5am. It’s almost party time!