Continuing with our pre-coverage of the”Rock the Boat Show Party” next week, we will be continually giving Shout-Outs to our sponsors. Why are they so stoked about Powerboat Nation throwing this HUGE party next Saturday night? Because it is going to be AWESOME, and you do not want to miss it if you are going to be in Miami.

As phrased by Rik Wimp of Arneson Surface Drives, Powerboat Nation is “Where the Action is at. This is the up-coming and fastest growing community that includes every aspect and point of view from advertisers, patrons, and fans. This is a way for our customers to put a personal touch, and face to our name while having easy access to us and each other. There just simply is no other site that matches what PBN offers” This party will be just another example, cone on lets face it, the biggest boating venue of the year and PBN is the only organization committed to bringing its members and users together during it and not some restaurant get together, but at the hottest venue on Miami Beach

Powerboat Nation members will get to live the High Life, if only for one night, at the South Miami Beach hot-spot. The MANSION “Rock the Boat Show Party” will be Saturday the 14th beginning at 11pm and raging through the night until 5 am.