The Miami International Boat Show will be the unveiling of a new proprietary coating product that Peter Hledin of Skater Power Boats in Douglas, Michigan has been working on perfecting for over the last year with the industries largest refinishing manufacturer. NO, this is not powder coating and NO, it’s NOT cooked in a oven. What it is may quite possibly be the ultimate finish.

Peter told us he now has the ability to apply a coating in a wide array of colors that represent a finish similar to translucent, and in the case of Pure Platinum black chrome or black Nickel type of finish. The finish has a temperature range far greater than an ordinary painted surface and the durability is like nothing any of us have ever seen to in a non-cooked or powder coated finish.

Fortunately the coating process and the New Pure Platinum Skater of Bill Pyburn’s have come together at the right time. The new Pure Platinum Skater carries a tone on tone color scheme similar to a exotic new Lamborghini or Ferrari and they have eliminated nearly all polished or chrome plated finishes (except those beautiful billet cylinder heads) in what will likely spark the next trend in exotic power boats.

Peter pointed out that because of the coating properties he plans to provide the coating service as an additional operation at Douglas Marine. Recent inquiries have ranged all the way to some Lamborghini Wheels. One thing for sure is we are likely to see the ability to now take once shiny aluminum and stainless parts and provide a color matched feature for a tone on tone look is likely to be an all new opportunity for many.