Who doesn’t like a new-and-improved boat feature? We sure do! And so do the people that make the magic happen over at Arneson Surface Drives. Just announced by Rik Wimp of Arneson, is their new Surface Drive Unit. This new drive is so unique it even has a patent pending. Before the formal announcement at the Miami Boat Show this week, Powerboat Nation got an exclusive first-hand look at the new part and really get a feel for what is to come.

When most people hear the term surface drive, they think speed and high performance, but what these rather specialized propulsion units are really about is efficiency. That’s the name of the game for manufacturer Arneson Surface Drives, and this new Drive Unit is no exception. The new drive incorporates a “quick-change gear ratio feature, as well as a multi-speed transmission all built and housed into one unit.” These two features are generally separate and this new design results in a more compact and streamlined instillation.

The multi-speed feature includes 5 forward speeds, which will aid in acceleration for boats with turbo charged engines as well as diesel engines. The drive incorporates their well-known “Arneson Vertical Trim Cylinder” with a rudder fin for steering duties, and has the option of being fully steered and trimmed or can be fixed mounted.

With all these efficient new features and options, it is no wonder Arneson Surface Drives continues to drive the direction of their market. Be sure to get a closer look at the Miami Boat Show Feb 12th – 16th. See you there!