Powerboat Nation is happy to announce the newest member of our ever growing boating family! Hydrastar, the leader in trailer brake actuators and all trailer technology, is on board and ready to prove what they can do for your trailers.

With their latest technology installed as an OEM part on every single Skater and DCB trailer, it’s no question their upgrades have a major, positive impact on the way we trailer our boats. Most notably, they developed the Hydrastar Marine Surge Brake Conversion Kit, designed to eliminate all surge brakes problems and pains with only minimal work.

The innovative team at Hydrastar designed the kit to allow for optimal brake control and management from inside the tow vehicle, eliminating the all too common issues and clunks associated with backing trailers up or down ramps and hills. Ingenious technology every boater needs to take advantage of, the dedicated team at Hydrastar is ready to get you all set up today.

We’re truly excited to have such a passionate and hard working company on board with us, and we’ll be keeping you up to date with every new advance they make and some special videos to show you exactly how great these brake actuators work!