Anticipation is mounting over the “Rock the Boat Party” to be hosted next week. This will be THE Party of Boat Show Parties in what will go down in time as the hottest ticket in town during the week of the Miami International Boat Show. It will be held at the Epic and Legendary Nightclub MANSION, and could not have been possible without the participation of a dozen contributors. Sure we did some heavy lifting for this party, but we did it with the common goal of those that stand behind us during times like this

So the pitch was simple when we reached out to our supporters: we said we were “about to pull off something legendary for our members by throwing the most Epic party at the most High Profile Club. But it’s gonna take some help from our friends..” The answers were unanimous.

Every where we turned, the guys that are into the industry gave us all they’ve got, because they believed in us, and said, “Count us in”.After the particulars I asked: “In your own words, tell us not only why you support the party but why do you support PowerBoat Nation?”

For example Brett Anderson at BBlades had a lot to say; “Powerboat Nation is what I like to see in the world of Performance Boating.This community is family-oriented, and by family I am talking about the people who CHOOSE to be a part of this community. You can be a small-scale boater, and still be a part ofthe Powerboat Nation Family. When we see the boats, the pictures, the videos, and have these party’s, it gives the Family exposure to other members, or potential new members. It is all about us being on the water with friends and family, and that is what Powerboat Nation is about.”

As for this MANSION Rock the Boat party next Saturday, Brett includes,“This is THE hottest ticket in Miami Beach next weekend. Everyone will want to be there, even though not everyone will get an opportunity to get in. But Powerboat nation will be that opportunity.”

If you are out of the informational loop, the Miami Boat Show kicks off next Thursday the 12th at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The MANSION Rock the Boat Show Party will be Saturday the 14th beginning at 11pm and raging through the night until 5 am.

There are only a few VIP Passes left, so you better be a part of our“family” to get a chance to be a part of history!