In this age of too-much information, the power to attract with an image is the best way to get Attention. The self-portrait image has now been pioneered as the “Selfie.” Selfie-ism is everywhere. The word “selfie” has been bandied about so much in the past 2 years it has become the go-to photograph for everyone. And while we see tons and tons of them we had to acknowledge this creativity.

It is a great way to tell stories in a single moment. You can send an email ,or a tweet that says “Having a great day on the water with friends!” Or you can post an awesome picture like this one:

At first glance, the the lovely ladies capture your vision to only go, WOW what a cool move the crew under the boat pulled off. But it is soooo much more than that! It shows the beautiful weather, the calm water, and 12 friends having the time of their lives! You cannot convey that emotion in 140 characters.

This is just a great “group selfie” shot from our PBN Instagram page. So if you not following us your missing out! Come share your best “selfies” with us we appreciate all of our PBN family!